Longest Common Substring/Subsequence [DP Problems]

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The longest common substring and longest common subsequence problems can be solved with a similar algorithm, for the first one we must find a max value in a grid and for the second one, we should check the last cell in a grid.

Why is…

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I just discovered that Golang implementations sometimes consume less memory than Java implementations, well at least in short programs.

The way Go and Java execute code is different, the first one is a compiled language to native code and the last one is a compiled language to bytecode. In other…

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A few days ago I ran into a problem related to goroutines, specifically it made it a bit difficult for me to debug messages that were not displayed. …

Unproper shutdowns or SD card premature end of life, the most common problems with RaspberryPi these days. Well, actually the main problem is that some applications have verbose logging or they are continuously writing to the SD card, which increases SD card failures.

And this is what has been happening…

Generally when we have to solve a problem with 2D matrix in which we have to find a path or find areas in it, we usually think of Graph theory, Depth First Search (DFS) or Breath First Search (BFS).

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The most common problem is the one in which we have…

Step 1. Get Apple’s Xcode

First, we need to install Apple’s Xcode command line tools which are needed by MacPorts; this is only an option for users who prefer to have a more traditional UNIX-like environment. The command line tools package provides many tools and utilities like make, gcc, perl, git, etc. …

Daniel Carvallo

My primary goal of doing this is the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.

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